Aditi Ganeev Sangwan

Painter and printmaker Aditi Ganeev Sangwan’s whimsical pieces are almost always autobiographical. She chronicles poignant moments in daily life with her children, the experience of childbirth, life during the pandemic. Even when there are no people present, her images are domestic, intimate and narrative. Her rooms always feel as if someone has just left them. A child has left a toy on the rug, or someone has left a hot mug of tea on a table. Even when there is no person present, the prints and paintings pulse with life lived.

One of her trademark gestures is the visual surprize – a object not where it is supposed to be or doing something unusual – a delightful little visual treasure tucked away in the print or painting. She also often plays with perspective. Both these traits make for a dreamlike feeling in her work, a sort of Alice In Wonderland effect.

Sangwan holds a PhD in printmaking from and has been a professor since 2014 at the prestigious Visva Bharati University in Santiniketan, West Bengal. In addition to printmaking and painting, she has also done installation work, and work in textiles and art books. She has exhibited in India, Bangladesh and South Korea.