Laying it Bare

The Art of Walter Redondo
And Amanda Saint Claire

August 1 to September 27, 2020

What I love most about Walter Redondo and Amanda Saint Claire’s paintings is their bravery and honesty.  The two qualities are almost inseparable.  One requires the other — bravery in the sense of taking risks and being willing to be vulnerable, honesty in the sense of revealing one’s innermost yearnings, laying it all bare.  Although their styles are completely different, they share a common approach to artmaking.   For both, the process is intuitive, informed by a deep spirituality and activated by ceding control.   St. Claire writes about painting past the point where the ego surrenders, turning off judgement, and connecting to a universal consciousness.  Both talk about the magic that occurs when the work flows organically.   These paintings are magic, indeed.  Our response to them is immediate and visceral.  They connect directly to our most elemental selves, and our most heartfelt joys and sorrows.

Artwork on Display