Diana Carey

Life Is Not A Straight Line

My work partially addresses and integrates a grand gestural technique with that of neo impressionist pointillism, leading to an abstract impressionism based on feeling rather than imagery, depth rather than surface quality. My intention is to wrest chaos, fundamental to the technique, into works that reference that technique, while retaining an image. Using sticks and brushes to splash, throw, and splatter numerous layers of acrylic paint onto a large supine canvas, I try and evoke the essence of a subject, taking care with my accuracy not to overly emphasize the image and thus minimize the process.

The intention and interactive play between the viewer’s perception and my technique determines the paintings perceived order and imagery. Each tiny splash of paint, each throw, chaotic yet cohesive, contributes to the substance that reads as organic subjects, subjects based mainly from my travels and from my home base in the hills of Southern California.