G E Vogt

G. E. Vogt began her artistic training in performance art and directing. In order to create the highly physical, postmodern performance pieces she was drawn to, she would gather “found” materials from as many arts as possible: poetry, news articles, paintings, philosophy, even the acting training exercises of the actors involved. The performance pieces eventually became living collages of the ideas and materials gathered.

As she began to travel and live in different parts of the world, Vogt began to create paper collage art, experimenting with intermingling different found materials. The more she worked with creating visual art, the more she became interested in telling increasingly complex stories through collage work until she moved out of the performance arts altogether. Collage became her primary medium because of its ability to incorporate any medium, material, or found object into the telling of a story. Bringing together elements that are disparate but using that contradiction between them to tell a complex narrative is what continues to inspire her work. She has exhibited in group shows across the U.S. and has most recently spoken on the panel, “Women In Collage,” at the annual Kolajfest in New Orleans, LA. She lives and works in San Diego, California.