Nadine Baurin

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Nadine Baurin was born in 1973. Although she was exposed to painting and sculpture from an early age, it was during a three-month visit to Paris at age 16 that she acquired a deeper appreciation for fine art; in particular, after soaking up the work of the postimpressionists whose expressive style moved her greatly. In 1991 Nadine passed the Cambridge ‘O’ Levels Art with Distinction and a year later she relocated to the U.S. where she received her B.A. in Studio Art from Illinois’ Principia College. After graduation in 1996, she moved to California, going off on a tangent and getting a full time job in marketing. Soon after, she worked as a graphic and web designer, subsequently going back to school to earn a MS in Instructional Technology. Nadine was promoted to senior user interface designer at the software company where she had been working and due to her full schedule, she painted primarily at night. In 2003 she began to exhibit and sell her paintings. Her love of art had a strong pull, and in 2007 she quit her corporate job. With her art studio open full time to the public, she was able to exhibit and sell her paintings on a more consistent basis, while designing websites on the side in order to subsidize the beginning of her creative endeavor. In 2013 she opened a small retail art gallery where she exhibited her paintings alongside the work of a select group of national and international artists. After a few years of promoting other artists’ work, she closed the gallery in order to focus more fully on her own art business. An avid traveler, Nadine is greatly inspired by her journeys throughout the United States, Latin America and Europe where she’s had periods of independent studies to further her art training. She describes her work as minimal representational, letting her paintings come to light in an intuitive manner: “after applying paint to my canvas” she states “I wait and let the images emerge. Like the child who carves images from clouds, I step away from the literal and attempt to paint what I perceive and feel.” Nadine currently splits her time between Santa Cruz and San Diego and her artworks can be found in private collections throughout the united states and also abroad as far as Argentina, France and Australia.