Preet Srivastava

Preet Srivastava’s work is both a representation of the cultures present within the American paradigm, as well as, a reflection of the complexity and depth of any culture in global transition. It narrates the spiritual, personal and political act of defining beyond the confines of a culturally biased discourse. It seeks to evoke that prophetic sense which liberates verbal communication while emanating very concisely, “I am not an object — I am an evolving idea, ideal, identity — identical to no one.” — Vikas Srivastava

Preet was born in India, and has worked, lived and exhibited her work in India, New York, and California. She received a BA in Biology at the University of Redlands and continued with 3 years of painting at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco with an emphasis in Human Anatomy. In addition to studios in the US and abroad, she has also had an independent curatorial practice. In 2008, she created the Governors Island Art Fair in New York City, which was composed of 50 contemporary Artists. From 1999-2005, she owned Galoka Gallery and Jazz Bar in La Jolla, California showcasing Artists and classical Musicians.