Welcome to Fresh Paint Gallery Blog

Welcome to our new blog!  In the coming days, weeks and months I hope you will enjoy what you will find here — artist profiles, interviews and studio visits, gallery news and discussions about art.  I hope you will join in the conversation, share your reflections and ideas, and help us create a community of friends of Fresh Paint Gallery.  We aim to be your favorite gallery for contemporary fine art that’s fresh and relevant, by artists from around the corner or around the world.  Our focus on emerging to mid-career artists means we can offer you incredible value for money whether you are a new or seasoned collector.

I will begin by posting a profile per day of each of the twenty women artists currently on display at the gallery.  The current show, “20/20: Twenty Women of Vision,”  opened in early March, was shut down almost immediately by the Coronavirus business closures, and has now been extended to July 5th.  I hope you will pay a visit to the newly-reopened gallery to see this amazing exhibit.  The pictures don’t do it justice (They never do, do they?).  The artwork is complex, erudite, mature, and richly nuanced.  There is a diverse offering in terms of style, media and subject matter — really something for everyone.

You can explore these four artists and their artwork by clicking on the images below, or explore all artists by clicking on the show link above. As you explore, we would love your comments and reviews.