Susan Darnall, Chase the Wind

“Painting is poetry, where strokes sing and resonate within you.

Painting is a symphony, color & strokes melding together creating perfect beauty, together and alone.  Music grabs a hold & takes me into the painting process. Leading me to color & shape. It is an emerging, delicious process. Discovering unplanned surprises within leads me along. The energy of thick textural strokes mixed with transparent layers allow much depth, movement and harmony.

My motivation is to portray the inherent beauty and synchronicity that exists in the inter-relationship of color, composition and form.

I want my work to emanate a constant pulse of joy, positive energy & excitement to and for the viewer.

Each painting resulting in a delightful discovery of things unseen, drawing the viewer in, a blithesome trip to a new place.”

Susan Darnall

Susan Darnall is a contemporary painter of expressive vibrant abstract works.  She captures nature’s vitality within her multi layered acrylic/oils and encaustic wax pieces. Her inspiration comes from nature, texture, color and energy. Enlarged bright florals, splashy seascapes, sweeping clouds, shimmering skies, winged & finned creatures emerge through layers of paint. Susan’s work captures the spirit and movement around us.

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  1. Susan Darnall’s work is dense but uplifting. Must be seen in person to appreciate the complexity of color and depth of image. Incredible!

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