Theresa Vandenberg Donche’s Quarantine Rooms

Since the COVID19 shutdown, Theresa Vandenberg Donche has been painting abstracted rooms.  The empty rooms, she says, are about “exploring the tension between the reality of space and the illusion of the moment, between existence and imagination, convention and freedom, perspective and abstraction.”  In these pieces “perspectives are purposely skewed to create an off-balance” sensation, mysterious doorways lead to the unknown, and pent up energy is conveyed with the use of line.   Volume, color and scale convey “uncertainty of what’s to come.”

2 thoughts on “Theresa Vandenberg Donche’s Quarantine Rooms

  1. Very thought-provoking! If you are interested in reading about art, do check out this blog on Gallery Ark and their art show! You can check it out here-

  2. Rooms full of art with no people to view it, yes, that is a very relevant condition.

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