Bronle Crosby: Walk Treasures

“When my kids were small, we walked: neighborhood, seashore, park. Those walks meant hunting for those small and happy finds that might turn up — if you were looking. Some were only sightings, some got to come home and join the collection on the windowsill. We learned plant names, bird species, bugs, sea creatures, stones, seeds… and we petted all the neighborhood cats who would put up with us. The best thing was all the seeing, touching, smelling, and pleasure those small treasures gave. I still have the marble and the sand dollar. I treasure them.”

Detail of Walk Treasures

20/20 artist Bronle Crosby’s artistic goal is to invoke calm and contemplation. She paints focused natural histories: close-up corners of the big picture of life, “places for the eyes and mind to take a rest,” in subtle colors and painterly detail.  In “Walk Treasures,” the charming images stand in for treasured memories, inviting our own contemplation of special memories of childhood, our own or our children’s.  In all her work, she focuses on capturing the fleeting moment – the second before the dewdrop falls, the widening circle after the raindrop hits the water  — encouraging the viewer to pause and recollect the small miracles of daily life.

For more about Bronle, see this excellent interview.

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