Nadine Baurin, In Continuum

“I paint for the joy and thrill of being fully present in the moment. Visually intertwined in a seemingly controlled chaos, my art presents to the viewer a juxtaposition of randomness and precision, of boldness with a touch of emotional subtlety.

My inclination toward an interconnectedness with others inspires my art. While I have my own interpretation about the finished piece, it is in the emotional effect my paintings evoke in their viewers that I find a confirmation of our interconnection; and it’s through this unspoken dialogue that the artwork comes to life.”

Nadine Baurin

Nadine Baurin describes her work as minimal representational, letting her paintings come to light in an intuitive manner: “after applying paint to my canvas” she states “I wait and let the images emerge. Like the child who carves images from clouds, I step away from the literal and attempt to paint what I perceive and feel.” Nadine currently splits her time between Santa Cruz and San Diego and her artworks can be found in private collections throughout the United States and also abroad as far as Argentina, France and Australia.