Diana Carey: Controlled Chaos

Diana Carey paints organic subjects based on her travels and from her natural surroundings at home in the hills of Southern California. She exhibits regularly in Los Angeles, San Diego, Laguna Beach, Boston, Luxembourg and in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Carey uses sticks and brushes to splash, throw and spatter multiple layers of paint onto prone canvases.  Her technique had its origins in an effort to understand the work of Jackson Pollock.  However, Carey has made it entirely her own, creating striking abstract impressionist work that visually references the neo-impressionist pointillist movement.  Her work wrests coherence from chaos.  From a distance, we see the image; up close, we see the controlled chaos of the technique.

Reflecting on the Covid-19 lockdown and the recent Black Lives Matter protests, Carey says “I believe it makes the fractal nature of my work, even more poignant. We are a Nation seeming to come apart at the seams. However I believe, those seams and ideals needed to be examined and to come apart, so that all our particles, may re configure, to come to a new and hopefully better understanding, of ourselves and our Nation, as a whole.”

Diana Carey, along with Kathleen Kane-Murrell, was one of the main organizers of the current show “20/20: Twenty Women of Vision.”   Her commitment to supporting her TWA colleagues in creating a community where their work gives them and others agency has set the tone for the exhibit.  About the show, Carey says “It is a challenging time for women artists to not only determine the value of our work but to re-evaluate our interpretations of current events and techniques, styles and subject matter. But as women, we are fortunate to be flexible, to view the world with a different perspective and to find interpretation via any materials at hand.“

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